Booth construction in the exhibition is done in order to create a suitable and limited store space for a temporary period. In the past, the process of making them was done in a simple way with few facilities. In this way, the sellers created a space between themselves and the seller next to them by using a metal or wooden structure and started selling. Today, this has permeated the design and decoration sectors and made its structure complex.

Elements such as beauty have become an inseparable part of exhibit booth construction. Currently, the construction of these parts is done using equipment and devices that have caused the design speed to decrease to an extreme and on the other hand, they also help to beautify them. In fact, these parts in the exhibition should be able to meet the needs of companies, including marketing and branding. Therefore, the element of beauty and attractiveness is considered one of the important factors of construction. Designers also consider these points carefully when designing.

Foreseen advertising group has started its activity since 2005 with a creative team in the field of designing and setting up various exhibition booths. This group has completed countless projects so far. We will review and introduce them later.

Effective advertising with exhibition stands

The construction of these parts is one of the effective tools in advertising and its importance is so much that it is done in industrialized countries with independent management in providing goods and services. Nowadays, in the exhibition industry, most of the exhibitors believe that for a successful show, they need to attract audiences from these sectors. In other words, these sections are like the identification card of a company for business owners.

Participating in the exhibition to introduce your business brand is a valuable experience. The purpose of making an exhibition stand has its own process. Our suggestion is to talk to the design team of Foreseen Collection. Because when the design team understands your goal, it will provide you with creative and attractive ideas.

The designers of our collection have a broader view on the construction of these structures. They consider factors such as lighting, graphics, layout, and more. Design, trial and error are also examined. The creativity of designers makes them follow the main goal without removing the integrity. In fact, before all these things, we go through the design process according to your goal.

With a brilliant history in the field of construction, installation and operation of all kinds of exhibition stands, Forsin Company has been able to complete successful projects in all parts of Iran. By using the link below, you can see a part of our exhibition portfolio. You can also get advice from the collection design team to place an order through the link below so that they can provide you with the best advice according to your goal.


Steps and actions required for construction

First, we need to get acquainted with its concept. Exhibiting is a set of executive operations and beautification of a dedicated space, in such a way as to create an identity and the best display of a product (brand name of a product) and even a thought and knowledge.

Now, according to this definition, it should be considered what actions are necessary for construction. First, the necessary permits must be obtained from the relevant authorities. Maybe you have this question, what is the license and how can you get it? In response, it should be said that the pavilion building permit is a document that the exhibition organizer issues with the knowledge of the feasibility of implementing the structure plan in a safe manner and with the necessary deposits.

In order to receive it, the three-dimensional sample of the structural plans must be approved by the organizer of the exhibition. Get more information from your exhibition organizer. Some organizers charge a fee for obtaining a license. After that, it’s time to build. These steps are as follows: Flooring is actually the first job. It means that first the flooring must be done and the floor must be poured, so that the construction and carpentry operations of the structure can be done correctly. The floor of the exhibition and its rental is one of the most important parts of the booth construction in the exhibition and its construction.

The best and most common way is to pour a floor about 10 cm from chipboard or 60 x 60 boxes. So that the floor of the structure has proper strength and can be used properly in the exhibition floor. You can also see the works of Foreseen collection from this link.

The most important items in the tariff design and construction of exhibition stands

  • Allocate the largest amount of your budget to rent a booth.
  • The overall design and graphics of the exhibition stand is a matter that should be given a lot of attention after renting the place of the structure. Therefore, you should spend another part of your budget on these things.
  • The cost of travel, side costs and especially the payment of the salaries of the employees present in the project is a matter that is very important and plays an important role in your success in attending the exhibition.
  • Set aside another part of your budget for the cost of electricity, cleaning and loading the equipment in the structure.
  • Allocate a budget to send booth equipment and supplies.
  • And finally, another part of the budget, which is also considered as the last cost of building the booth, is dedicated to press affairs, which should be taken into account.

A noteworthy point that you should pay attention to is that the cost of implementation, design and construction in Tehran is much lower than other cities. Of course, the cost of construction in different cities is calculated based on the distance from Tehran. But in special places like Kish, etc., this cost is different.


Important tips for attending the exhibition

In exhibitions, many visitors visit different sections. Because they have a great impact on social media. Also, increasing competition among businesses to attract more audiences has its own solutions. Therefore, your booth should be more visible among others. In the following, we will introduce some points that have a significant impact on the implementation of booth construction.

  • Design should be interactive.
  • Advertising messages should be displayed correctly.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of empty space.
  • Using colors that match the brand
  • Use the stand
  • Diversity in designs

The question that arises is how to find a company that can design and build better by following these points. In response, it can be said that you can choose the company you want by visiting the exhibitions and seeing examples of built structures. Foreseen advertising group has the necessary expertise in this field with experience in building all types of these structures. You can also visit our exhibition booth page to see more examples of the collection booths.

Features of exhibition booth construction

Having the necessary charm
Coordination with the type of displayed goods
Good location
conveying the designer’s message for the viewer and its comprehensibility
Design suitable for your brand products

Spaces used for booth construction

To display goods
Notification section
Negotiation and consultation
Visual shows
office furniture
Service and hospitality section
Storage or extra supplies
Education space

Warranty and support

All exhibition booths of Foreseen advertising collection include installation and setup services and collection after the exhibition period.

All kinds of exhibition structures

There are several types of exhibition structures. One of these is island structures or outdoor pavilions. These items are mostly used to display tools, industries and heavy machinery. But other products may also be displayed in these types of structures. But this issue should also be considered that to display this type of products, the design of the island structure should be done in a way that has a greater and more effective effect on attracting visitors.

The next thing is currency booths. A structure whose rental price is charged based on currency from foreign participants or their representatives.

Pavilion construction using space frame: The literal meaning of space frame, which is an English word, is a spatial structure. Space frame pavilions are regular geometric forms, which are placed together in unison. Space frame, or in other words exhibition scaffolding, is one of the equipment of exhibition structures. With the combination of space frame and new exhibition scaffolding, various exhibition stands and structures can be created.

Modular booth construction: a type of structure consisting of base, frame and panel with a height of 240 cm, which are connected to each other at a distance of one meter and can be implemented in different sizes. Due to its vulnerability to water and wind, this structure can be used indoors.

One of the advantages of these booths is its low cost. Because it is produced from a material with a very low price, such as chipboard, and it is one of the best choices for companies. Because by paying very low fees along with booth reservation, they can take delivery of these structures.

The effect of color in booth construction to attract customers

It is better to use your organizational colors to choose the color of your booth. Get inspiration like the color you used in your organization’s logo or in the decoration of your office. You can even use the color of the letterhead as well as the color of your office form.
Using the right color will maximize the audience’s attention to your products. The designs are beautiful on their own and play a positive role in the visual beauty of the exhibition stand. But what gives the designs identity, life and elegance is actually the color itself. And since every person will spend an average of 5-10 minutes visiting your services, the color of your booth should be in such a way that in this short period of time, it will attract the attention of the customer and buy your product or service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By referring to the website of international exhibitions of Tehran and cities

The participation form in the exhibition is provided online by the organizer and you pre-register by filling this form. You can also find the list of attendees through the exhibition book, website, etc.

The price of the design is usually calculated based on the square meter of the floor. If you want an exhibition booth to be built for you, leave the entire process of the booth construction to a company.

For construction, you must coordinate with the booth builders who have a construction license from the international exhibition. These companies are introduced in the exhibition as graded companies.

Information such as providing a photo or a manual sketch of what you are looking for is necessary so that the designer can easily know the extent of your booth’s needs.

Tehran International Exhibition has special rules, which can be easily searched on the International Exhibition website.

Their difference is in the type of construction of these structures.

It depends on the height of the hall where the exhibition is held.