Foreseen Company

Smart products


One of the activities of Foreseen Group, which has been active in this field for more than 10 years, is advertising Chiriki products.

Pricing and ordering platform


On the website of the Foreseen collection, you can check many parts of the work professionally and online and receive inquiries…

Campaign consulting


By registering on the site and requesting a campaign, Foreseen Collection will provide you with a suitable campaign at the lowest cost compared to your description.

Order promotional products

from international sites

Foreseen collection provides this possibility so that you can buy your advertising products (even non-existent products) from the site…

Web Design
Ready-made websites and coding 93%
Online shop
Modern advertising supplies and equipment 98%
Production and localization
Manufacture and production of Chiriki products 80%
Booth construction and design
Design and implementation of exhibition stands 95%
Make an ad
Production of animated and real television teasers 96%
holding an event
Holding various advertising events 96%
Building architectural and industrial replicas
Construction and execution of all kinds of industrial and architectural models 90%

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